Picture Perfect: 10 tips to look your best in pictures


We’ve all been there.  You leave the house feeling great about the way you put yourself together, but after seeing yourself in pictures, you just can’t figure out what went wrong.  Try these 10 tips to ensure your next pictures are great ones!

  1. Avoid Mineral Makeup or SPF with Titanium Dioxide. Titanium Dioxide (an otherwise wonderful ingredient) is a natural sunscreen that works by deflecting the sun’s rays before they can hit your skin.  So it can also reflect flash photography– leaving your face looking white and your neck and chest super dark, in contrast.
  2.  Beware of an oily T-zone.  Oil reflects the light and can be exaggerated by the flash.  Instead of touching up with powder, which can get cakey over time, use a sheet of blotting paper to instantly mattify.
  3.  Tame your brows.  Your eyebrows frame your face and define your eyes.  Make sure to clean up any stray hairs to polish your look.
  4. Try the classic ‘model pose’.  With one foot in front of the other, turn three quarters of the way towards the camera to make your body look narrower.  Lift your chin slightly to banish any illusions of a double chin.
  5. Skip the squinty-fish-face pose.  This just exaggerates lines around the lips and eyes.
  6. Find the right concealer.  Many people think to minimize under eye darkness, they should get a very light concealer.  Though it may not be entirely noticeable to the human eye, through the camera lens, it will look super light.  To make sure your concealer works for the camera, test it out beforehand.
  7.  Contour.  If you are going to a photo shoot where you don’t actually have to interact with real people, you can go crazy with the contouring.  But if you have to look just as good in person as you do on camera, try contouring lightly with a bronzer.  Adding just a little bit under your cheekbones and along the jaw line adds definition without harsh lines.
  8. Highlight.  Pat on a little highlighter along your cheekbones and bridge of nose to add dimension and a dewy glow.
  9. Don’t pile on the makeup.  These days, cameras pick up on EVERY detail.  You do not need extra blush or an overdrawn lip line for it to show up on camera.  A cakey complexion will look cakey in pictures, too.
  10.  Add some gloss.  A super matte lipstick can emphasize chapped lips and fine lines.  If you don’t want to go with a full glossy lip, just dab a drop on the centre of your lips to make them look hydrated and fuller.

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