Find the Perfect Foundation

Find the Perfect Foundation

Anyone who has ever bought foundation knows that there are a lot of options out there. It seems like there are a million different products, ranging in shape, colour and price.
I always recommend following the 4 C’s when choosing a foundation.

This is the first thing to consider. Foundation mainly comes in two forms, liquids and powders. In the end, deciding between liquid and powder really comes down to preference, though as a general rule, liquids are better for dry or dehydrated skin types, while powders help mattify an oilier complexion. Most powder foundations can be used wet or dry – a dry powder application will be more translucent, while a wet powder will offer a fuller coverage.

Once you know which type of foundation consistency you are looking for, it is time to consider how much coverage you need. When it comes to coverage, let your skin concerns be your guide. A tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation will even out your skin tone and hide a bit of redness. You can even build with some formulas to add a bit more coverage on the days when you need a little something extra. A foundation with a fuller coverage will help hide pigmentation, acne, and other skin imperfections.

Pro Tip: The most natural-looking complexion can be obtained by using a foundation with the least coverage possible. Concealer can be used to cover any trouble areas that still show through.

This is the step where you skin type matters. Acne prone skin will not react well to a foundation containing oils, while a mature skin will find a mattifying foundation to be too drying.  Some characteristics of your skin that you may want to consider include: Do you have sensitive skin that can react poorly to new makeup? Does your face tend to look shiny throughout the day? Are you concerned about foundation settling into lines or wrinkles? Is a built in SPF a priority?

Once you’ve finally narrowed down the options, you need to find the perfect colour. Foundations usually come in a variety of shades and tones. A foundation shade is where the colour falls along the lines of light, medium, and dark. Tones range from cool to neutral to warm. Cool skin tones have a pink undertone and Warm skin tones have yellow or olive undertones.Neutral skin tones fall somewhere in between. It is important that both the foundation shade AND tone match your skin. So how can you be sure? Do the 3-stripe foundation test! Lightly swipe a bit of foundation along your cheek, jaw, and neck. The colour that most disappears in all three places is the right one for you!


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