All About Eyes

All About Eyes

Imperfections in the under eye area are one of the most common beauty complaints of both men and women. So what causes them? How can you treat them? And when all else fails,
how can you hide them?

Aging and water retention are two of the main causes of puffiness in the under eye area. As we age, the muscles around our eyes begin to weaken and can allow fat, that used to sit  around the eye area, to accumulate under the eye. Unfortunately, aside from surgical procedures, there is not much that we can do to prevent or reverse this. But regardless of age,  water retention can also contribute to puffiness under the eyes. Alcohol, salty foods, allergies, lack of sleep and even just sleeping on your stomach can cause under eye swelling.

Luckily, when under eye bags are caused by lifestyle choices, there are things you can do! Many people swear by putting a cool spoon against their eye in the morning before applying their makeup. The cool metal helps to decrease swelling by temporarily constricting the blood vessels in the eye area, plus the cold shock is sure to instantly awaken you! Other at-home remedies include putting cool cucumber slices or cool chamomile tea bags on the eyes. The cold will help constrict the blood vessels, plus the soothing properties in cucumber and tea bags can reduce any swelling that was caused by allergies or irritation. Eye creams that contain caffeine or Vitamin K have also been proven effective to reduce swelling.

Darkness under the eye can occur from a multitude of factors, including aging, genetics, and lifestyle. To begin with, the skin under the eye is thinner than anywhere else on the body.  Because of this, blue blood vessels can show through and cast a blueish hue to the entire area. As we age, the skin under our eyes continues to thin causing the darkness to seem more prominent. Paler skin tones tend to suffer more from blue-toned under eye concerns because of the translucency of their skin.

Darker skin tones tend to be more prone to a brownish darkness that appears under the eyes. This pigmentation can be very difficult to reduce, so prevention is key. Wearing sunglasses and using an eye cream with sun protection can be vital for preventing further darkness. So what can you do for pigmentation that is already there? Products containing Vitamin C can be effective in reducing pigmentation, but be sure to find a product that is meant for use around the eye to limit the risk of redness and eye irritation.

And last but not least, if you can’t treat them, hide them! Concealer is a great option, though many find it overwhelming or difficult to find one that works for them. Often people think that using a light coloured concealer will mask the problem, but in reality, the too-light concealer can actually bring more attention by turning the area grey or dull. Instead, if brownish pigmentation is a concern, look for a concealer that has a pinkish hue.  This will instantly brighten up the area without the worry of turning grey or ashy. If your concern is more blue-toned, look for a peachy concealer. Like the pink, the peach tone will brighten the under eye area while helping to counteract any blue-toned darkness. ​


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